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u disk virus killing tools let me safely cross the border

With the continuous development of the Internet, online viruses also spread very crazy. This is not, I'm here too. These days the school leadership layout of a task, last night I stayed up late in the cafes to collect information, hard finishing, and copied to the u disk prepared to take a look today to the leadership, but today the leadership of the computer can not open It's Later, after the analysis of colleagues said that my u disk virus, let me go online to download u disk dedicated to kill the virus tools. But online software can be described as more than a few, what kind of have, after their repeated download verification, the final how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive selected a software called USBKiller. Today I will introduce my new baby, hope it can help more friends. USBKiller This u disk kill virus tools stand-alone version, u disk version, the campus version and other versions, can be suitable for different user groups. I downloaded a u disk version, this version can be installed on your u disk, easy to carry around.

As long as I installed this u disk u disk kill virus tools, then I no longer afraid of any u disk virus, because this software can check to autorun virus, vbs virus, exe folder virus and u Hidden folders and other viruses in more than 1200 kinds of u disk virus. Of course, the use of this software can also scan the virus on your computer. U disk inserted into the computer, open the virus scan, you can scan any disk you want to scan.

I was so u disk inside the virus to scan out, and then completely to get rid of, to help autorun remover me get through safely, successfully completed any. My experience also gave other colleagues a wake up, they have this u disk virus killing tools installed into their own u disk inside. With this u disk virus killing tools let me no longer afraid to go to Internet cafes with u disk copy of the information.


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