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If you encounter any problems in using our software or have any suggestions, feel free to email at
[email protected]
Frequently Asked Questions
Registration questions
Q: Is your online order form secure?
A: Yes, it is 100% secure. Our reseller is Digital River, a worldwide leader in ecommerce outsourcing. Its online form
is 100% secure. The order process is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can 
only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the
recipient securely via the Internet.
Q: How will I receive my invoice?
A: Invoices for orders will be created only after payment has been received. If you pay by credit card or have the   
amount charged to your account (electronic debit or online bank transfer), we will immediately issue an invoice for
your order. For orders paid for by bank transfer, check or cash, you will first receive an order confirmation, and your
invoice will be sent to you after payment has been received. In any case, we will automatically e-mail your invoice
or order confirmation to your billing address. The order documents will be included as a PDF attachment to the e-
Q: How can I buy the software except using Credit Card?
A: We accept many kinds of payment method, such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, Moneybookers etc. You
can choose a suitable one in the "Method of payment" section of Order page.
Q: I lost my key and How can I get my license key?
A: We can resend you your key via e-mail. Just write to us.
Q: Why the system show error when saving the license information?
A: You need the administrator access to save the license information, please right click the icon of Autorun Virus Remover on the desktop, select run as administrator, and then copy&paste your license information again.
Q: Why the software is still limited version after inputting my license?
A: There are two reasons:
1. You may treat letter 'O' in the license code as number '0', or treat number '0' as letter 'O';
2. There is some letter like á, è in your user name which the software could not identify, please send a new user name to us and we will generate a new license code for you.
Technical questions
Q: Does Autorun Virus Remover need to be updated regularly via the Internet to stay current?

A: Unlike other antivirus software, Autorun Virus Remover does not use signature scanners and requires no regular

updates. It only needs to update its executable components. This means updates may include enhancements or
bug fixes without definition updates. It protects offline computer as well as the computer that is connected to the
Q: Why does Autorun Virus Remover disable AUTORUN of USB drive?
A: AUTORUN of USB drive is potentially unsafe. If AUTORUN of USB drive is enabled, and you have autorun.inf on 
your USB drive, it will automatically run malicious programs there. AUTORUN of USB drive is the main transmission
route of viruses from USB drive, so Autorun Virus Remover disables AUTORUN of USB drive.
Q: How do I manually disable or enable AUTORUN of USB drive?
A: To disable or enable AUTORUN of USB drive manually, you can press the button 'USBTools' to show the USB Tools 
dialog. Press the button 'Acquire Immunity' to disable AUTORUN of USB drive or press the button 'Cancel Immunity'
to enable AUTORUN of USB drive.
Q: What is Auoturn.inf folder? How to remove it from each drive.
Q: How to disable USB autoplay to prevent virus infection.

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