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Autorun Virus List

Here are the autorun type viruses list.
Recycler Virus
Recycler virus is a virus that make use of the autorun feature of Windows OS. It copies the autorun.inf file onto each drive of the computer and the USB drive such as USB memory sticks, flash drive, USB disk, iPod more...
Autorun Worm
Autorun worm spread from USB drives as wel mapped drive. When the computer is infected with autorun worm, it typically download additional malwares, usually trojan and password stealers.
Autorun Trojans
The AutoRun Trojan is a malicious attack on your Windows operating system by a hacker using the ‘autorun.inf’ exploit to get past the system security defenses.  This exploit requires the AutoRun Trojan to install several phony ‘autorun.inf’ files onto each removable hard drive and USB drive connected to your computer more...

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