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What to save you, my USB flash drive?

Now young people like to carry tools like bricks, which in the end what is it. Although this thing is small, but it can hold thousands of books inside, can store thousands of songs, can save tens of thousands of pictures. Here you are already willing to guess what it is. That's right, it's a U disk. However, this little guy's physique is not very good, often giving birth to some "disease."


1.U disk stuff suddenly disappeared, empty inside, such as the night how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive staged empty city mind.

2.U disk folder can not be opened, and somehow a good folder is stunned now is not open.

3. Double-click can not open the U disk, right-click the U disk appears Auto word.

4.U disk inside there are some do not know the "children's shoes", such as "beauty" ah, "game" ah, "autorun.inf", and catch all catch.

Our USB flash drive is "sick", how to treat it? Do not use your own non-professional "medicine" to treat your U disk, do not believe online "recipe" or "doctor", it will only make your U disk more serious illness. We should believe in system science U disk defender-U disk anti-virus experts.

U disk antivirus experts is a leading superclean engine using the world's leading professional U disk antivirus software, he can effectively control and killing ouse.exe virus, beautiful game virus, vbs virus, such as more than 1200 kinds of viruses. And it can safely eject the USB flash drive to prevent the USB flash drive from "can not stop now" universal volume "device and you forcibly autorun virus remove the USB flash drive caused damage to the USB flash drive.

How to use U disk antivirus experts to repair our U disk? Please see the tutorial below.

1. First go to the U disk antivirus expert website free download and install U disk antivirus expert (USBKiller):

2. If your U disk has been poisoned, please kill your U disk. Please put the poisonous U disk into your computer's USB interface, and then double-click to open U disk antivirus experts.

3. Select the need to kill the device, including a total of memory, local hard disk, removable storage 3 options, in order to completely killing the virus, the best hook these three options, and finally click on "start scanning":

U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) is scanning the virus, once found a virus, U disk antivirus will immediately clear, and in the results column displays the virus information.

4. If your computer or this U disk there are some conditions, such as the invisible original file, you can not double-click to open the disk and U disk, can not run antivirus software, etc., then you need to repair the system. First of all, left-click on the left of the main interface to repair the system, and then click "Select All", and finally click "Start Repair" can easily solve the problem.

How U disk antivirus experts save our USB flash drive has its own hands, U disk antivirus experts not only anti-virus, it has security settings, you can prohibit the use of any USB storage device, the prohibition of writing data to the USB storage device, this feature can prevent Others use a USB storage device to steal your information.

Learn more about USB Killer here:


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