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What is the best use of USB flash drive killing tool?

Now a lot of online viruses, viruses use people's curiosity to loopholes, people's computers or USB storage devices like U disk inadvertently infected with some Trojan horses, viruses. This is more annoying, U disk data, passwords and other important documents can not be used. How to do? Use anti-virus software? NONONO, U disk poisoning should be designed specifically for the U disk software - USB Zhuanshagongju. USB flash drive in the market there are several tools, in the end that is better then, by the author for the how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive next few of us on the market mainstream Zhuanshagongju make horizontal evaluation.

Currently there are U disk antivirus experts on the market, U disk virus killing tool USBcleaner, U disk to kill aides (autorun.inf kill).

Here we mainly on the three software occupy system resources, anti-virus types, scanning rate of three types of projects tested to ten full scale, the more points the better. Occupying system resources in this project, U disk antivirus experts run CPU usage, the memory size is relatively small. U disk virus killing tools USBcleaners a little behind, and U disk Zhuanshu aides (autorun.inf Zhuansha) accounted for relatively large system resources. In the anti-virus type of this project, U disk antivirus experts can check more than 1200 kinds of viruses, and U disk virus killing tools USBcleaner killing more than 70 kinds of viruses, and U disk Zhuanshu aides (autorun.inf Zhuansha) You can only kill autorun and other related viruses, so in the anti-virus type U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) significantly lead. Rescan rate this project everyone's scores are similar, U disk antivirus expert (USBkiller) slightly better results.

Through the above three items of tests, we should be able to know more clearly autorun virus U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) today's best use USB killing tool.

U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) official website:


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