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What is the AV Terminator virus?

"AV Terminator," also known as "worm", "AV" is "anti-virus" English (Anti-Virus) abbreviation, is a flash memory parasitic virus, is characterized by attack anti-virus software. Now the vast majority of anti-virus software and security tools are included in the blacklist. Its virus name is a combination of random 8-digit numbers and letters. It is not a virus but a group of autorun remover viruses with the same characteristics. The name may be varied, but the principle is basically the same, the symptoms manifested almost.

"AV Terminator" virus principle:

AV Terminator "virus runs will generate suffix. Dat, .dll, .chm files that can automatically copy the virus files and autorun.inf file, when you double-click to open it is equal to open the door to the virus, this time Even reinstall the system is of no avail, simply can not completely remove it. Formatted system disk reload easily be infected again.Users formatted, as long as the other drive letter double-click, the virus will run N times.You enter the folder Options want to show hidden files will find here has been banned by the virus.

"AV Terminator" can completely destroy the computer's security defense system, but also undermine the windows firewall and security model, blocking the user's back. At the same time it will download and run other hacking viruses and malicious programs, a serious threat to the user's network of personal property.

"AV Terminator" virus OK:

If your computer has the following symptoms: security software, security class pages autorun virus can not be run, hard drive letter can not be opened, the task manager can not enter, safe mode can not be opened, then you are sure, your computer is in the "AV Terminator "The virus.


If you are manually removing the virus by modifying the registry, the virus will change the registry from time to time, like playing hide and seek, making you exhausted. Recommend the use of professional killing "AV Terminator" virus tools - U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller).

U disk antivirus experts is a use of the world's leading superclean efficient powerful professional U disk anti-virus software that can effectively control and killing "AV Terminator" virus, ose.exe virus, beautiful game virus, vbs virus, etc. thousands Virus. Automatically fix system configuration damaged due to malicious virus tampering. In addition, it also provides U disk unlocking function and process management function.


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