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What is VBS virus?

We all know that C, JAVA, PHP language is the programming language, in fact, VBS is one of them, its full name is Visual Basic Script, and later some people use its powerful, easy to use and prepared a script virus.

VBS virus principle It first virus code assigned to the string variables, and then write this string overwrite the target file, and create a target file name for the file name prefix, vbs for the suffix of the file copy, and finally delete the target file, as long as one Open, the virus will run automatically.

VBS virus judgment

If you open the computer found in each disk vbs, autorun.exe,. Vbe, js and other documents. Then open the Task Manager and found wscript.exe process in the process, and the machine is running very slowly. Well, you have to pay attention, your computer is a VBS virus.

VBS virus spread VBS virus is written in VB Script. It takes advantage of the openness of Windows system and can directly control files, systems and registry by calling existing Windows objects, components and programs. VBS script viruses are usually spread through: Email attachment, IRC chat channels, LAN shared transmission, but also through infected htm, jsp, php, asp and other web files spread, spread a wide range of variants autorun remover and more confusing Strong, so if the computer in this virus will be very troublesome.

The most straightforward method should be manual recovery, but the manual handling is too complicated. For most computer rookie, this method does not work at all, and is easy to operate. If the system crashes, you have to re-install the system, which is very tortuous people. I suggest that you use VBS virus killing tool-U disk anti-virus experts (USBkiller) killing, it can easily clear the VBS virus a key.

U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) is a domestic professional U disk virus killing tools, autorun virus it can detect and kill the folder into a virus, auturun virus, vbs virus, u disk folder is hidden and many other U disk Virus, automatic repair due to malicious virus tampering and damaged system configuration. U disk can also be immune, but also provide U disk unlock function and process management functions.

How to use U disk antivirus experts to clean VBS virus, please click here


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