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What are the processing methods of the folder exe?

When you use a usb flash drive, you find that the suffix name of the folder under your usb stick has changed to.exe, congratulations, you have your usb folder. EXE virus.

This poison is small poison, but the usual antivirus software and safe360 can't kill, how to do. If you don't get rid of the virus, when you click on the virus folder, it will infect other computers. Then I asked my friend about the folder on the usb flash disk. Exe virus should be used for anti-virus software, and friends say that they use folders in the print shop and photo studio. Exe killed the anti-virus expert.

So I downloaded USBkiller, a usb flash drive, and a little bit of research, and I'll show you my research work, how to clear a folder with a usb drive. Exe.

How do you use usb killer to clear folders from your computer? Please refer to the following steps:

1. Make sure that you have installed the correct version of usb killer (USBKiller). For this download, please refer to the following tutorial:

See how to install a usb flash disk expert

2. Insert USB port and other removable memory, double-click to open shortcut virus remover USB killer, and then the following interface will appear:

3. Select the object that needs to be scanned, and then click "start scan" :

The usb killer begins to kill the virus on your computer, waiting for a moment to clear the virus.

4. When the scan is over, you will list the folders found in the taskbar. Exe virus, and will list the results of the process.

5. At this point, the killing to the folder. EXE virus has killed completely, open how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive the U disk again, we can normal open the folder, and clearly see our disk folder on the back of the. EXE suffix names have disappeared.

Using the usb killer folder, exe virus kills, we can easily eliminate the folder in U disk. Exe virus can be destroyed.


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