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Use U disk to kill assistant to protect U disk file security

U disk has become more and more our daily work a major tool, convenient U disk to our daily work and life has brought great convenience, however, U disk virus always trouble us. Let us worry about using the U disk when full. In order to make us better use of U disk, more confidence to use U disk, we need to use U disk Zhuanshou assistant to protect our U disk. At present we mainly used to prevent the virus in the U disk is anti-virus software, the main anti-virus software is usually installed on the computer disk, mainly for computer disk virus antivirus software. Such anti-virus software in the killing of U disk virus, more or less can play some role, however, it turns out to be entirely dependent on such anti-virus software to prevent U disk virus intrusion, will be a bit powerless. So if we want to better protect our U disk file, we will use a professional U disk special assistant to prevent the U disk virus invasion. U disk antivirus experts USBKiller is a professional kill U disk virus software, U disk antivirus experts we can kill more than a thousand kinds of stubborn U disk virus, U disk virus repair system items, so that prevention, immunization, killing , Repair in one. U disk antivirus expert running on the computer, U disk antivirus experts will automatically detect our U disk file to see if there is U disk virus, if there is a virus, it will immediately prompt and clear the virus, and then open the U plate. This can effectively prevent the virus in autorun remover the U disk infected computer disk.

Another feature of U disk antivirus experts is that you can take advantage of U disk antivirus expert system repair functions, repair the system items that have been tampered with by the virus and recover those files and folders hidden by the virus and can not be displayed. In the repair system features which we need to select the repair options, click Repair Now will automatically repair the system repair function. We can also take advantage of the disk U disk anti-virus experts immune function, the use of disk immune function we specified disk below generate a autorun.inf folder, which can effectively prevent the spread of autorun.inf virus.

Now the main anti-virus software is installed on the computer disk, so inevitably sometimes we autorun virus do not have the U disk to install antivirus software on the computer, in which case in order to prevent U disk virus infected our U disk file, U Disk anti-virus experts provide a U disk version of the anti-virus software, you can install the anti-virus software on the U disk, with this software, our U disk no matter what computer work, they have a U disk Zhuanshu aides, Do not worry about the virus infected our U disk file. Still worried about the virus in the U disk? Still want to protect U disk file safe? U disk antivirus experts, easily killing U disk virus, so that the task of protecting the U disk has become easier.


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