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Use U disk antivirus experts step to solve U disk folder is hidden problem

I copy some important information on the U disk, open to see when a folder is found, something gone. I wonder that ah, obviously copied over, why not show it? One side friend said to me maybe the folder is hidden, let me search the Internet for what is the reason. After I search in accordance with the Internet said in the computer settings show hidden files, or can not see the folder, after multi-study confirmed that we know that the original poisoning, a U disk virus, it will maliciously U Disk folder hidden, using the conventional how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive method, can not open to view.

This U disk virus will tamper with the properties of the folder, the file settings have been changed to read-only, hidden in the folder options set to display hidden files will not work, because the default hidden system files are protected. Really embarrassing ah. How to solve it?

Under normal circumstances, antivirus software can only be antivirus software can not repair the tampering with the folder attributes of the virus, and some even can not find such a folder virus, the folder for the virus to delete and restore hidden folders, the experiment confirmed that the U disk Antivirus expert (USBkiller) is the best tool to easily repair system damage and unsafe settings due to virus infection in a single step, showing the hidden folders conveniently.

U disk antivirus experts - USBKiller is a domestic professional U disk virus killing tool, it can be a key to solve the U disk folder is hidden and can not be displayed, but also to fully scan the virus and killing auturun virus, oso virus, autorun.vbs viruses and other U disk virus, at the same time can be immune to U disk, U disk to prevent virus invasion, fundamentally ensure the safe use of U disk.

Here's how to use U disk antivirus experts to solve U disk folder is hidden problem:

1, download and install the genuine U disk antivirus expert software, if you have not installed, you can autorun virus click here to download:

2, insert U disk, open the U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version, will appear as shown below interface, through the "start scanning" to check the hidden disk in the U disk virus.

3, click on the U disk antivirus expert interface "repair system", select "repair can not display hidden files or folders" option, you can also select all, and then click "Start Repair" on it.

U disk antivirus experts can help us solve the problem of hidden folders, easy, right? For more information about U disk antivirus experts, please refer to the following website:


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