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USBKiller how to u disk data recovery

U disk users have encountered u disk data loss or loss of operation due to file loss, then how can u disk data recovery it. Use u disk antivirus expert USBKiller, u easily two simple steps to achieve data recovery! U disk will be inserted directly into the computer u disk antivirus experts. USBKiller function column on the left you can see "immune U disk virus", "scan virus", "repair system" and a series of options. At this point, autorun remover users need to select the software's "Repair System" option, click on the right side of the software interface appears USBKiller repair list. In the repair list to find "restore the file inside the u disk" option in front of tick. After the selection click "Start Repair" button, the software will automatically repair the files in the u disk.

After the U disk system is repaired, the software will automatically pop up the "Repair registry success" prompt box, click "OK", then users can open the u disk to view the file repair status. Here u disk antivirus experts u disk data recovery of all the steps to complete successfully!

U disk antivirus experts u disk data recovery, the process is very simple, the operation is also autorun virus very convenient. In addition to u disk data recovery, u disk antivirus expert USBKiller there are many other powerful u disk antivirus and protection functions, can absolutely protect the user's u disk security, u disk will not be infected, the user will no longer Encountered due to operational errors caused by the loss of distress problems.


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