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U disk virus immune, U disk file protection security

As our U disk usage increases, more and more of our USB flash drives suffer from the virus. With the U disk virus to our harm increases, more and more people want to have a virus specifically for the U disk anti-virus software to protect the safety of our U disk file. How to check the U disk virus, how to U disk virus immunity, these are the problems we need to solve, at present we mainly carry out killing virus operation method is to install anti-virus software, however, the mainstream anti-virus software are for computer disk virus Of the software, however, the computer disk virus and the U disk virus have different characteristics in the mode of transmission, U disk virus is more diversified forms of transmission. So many times in the real killing U disk virus, or U disk virus immunity, such anti-virus software to play a role is not great. To this end if you really want to do to protect the safety of U disk file, we also need to use the software designed to kill U disk to kill U shortcut virus remover disk virus. U disk antivirus experts USBKiller is a professional U disk virus killing tools, U disk antivirus experts can kill more than a thousand kinds of stubborn U disk virus, repair the virus-tampered system entries, restore hidden files, and U disk virus immune function . We run the U disk antivirus expert computer will automatically detect the file inside the U disk device, killing inside the U disk virus files. Make sure the U disk file is safe, we will be prompted to safely open the U disk. This will ensure that our USB flash drive will not be transmitted to your computer.

We can also use U disk antivirus experts according to their needs U disk virus immune function. With this function we can generate a autorun.inf folder under the specified disk. This will prevent the autorun.inf virus from exploiting this folder. Effective immune U disk virus.

Sometimes we find the USB drive folder is hidden. This is mainly U disk virus will be autorun virus hidden in our folder. We can use U disk antivirus experts to repair our system. Show the files and folders hidden by the virus. In addition, anti-virus software for the mainstream now are installed on the computer disk, given U disk mobility, can not be well protected, U disk antivirus experts provide a U disk version of antivirus software. We installed this anti-virus software inside the U disk. This U disk to carry an anti-virus software, no longer have to worry about U disk virus infection. U disk antivirus, U disk virus immunity, all of these are not a problem. U disk antivirus experts, easy to protect U disk file security. Let us U disk away from U disk virus.


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