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U disk repair software to protect U disk file security

Nowadays, more and more people start to use the USB flash drive as their own storage device. Because the USB flash drive is convenient and convenient, it is easily accepted by many people. However, there are other people who think that the USB flash drive has a weak anti-virus function. Like to use U disk storage files, afraid of losing data. Indeed U-disk in anti-virus is not doing well, so we need to use some professional U disk protection software to protect our U disk file.

Currently we mainly used to protect the U disk tool is to use professional shortcut virus remover anti-virus software to check the U disk virus, but most of the anti-virus software we use for the computer disk virus. Because the disk virus in the transmission and U disk virus have this very big difference, therefore, this type of antivirus software to prevent computer disk virus is not very effective. We have to use a professional U disk virus killing tools to protect our U disk. U disk antivirus expert is a professional software designed to kill U disk, it also comes with U disk repair function. U disk virus can not only check, but also can be fixed inside the U disk virus damage files. U disk in an anti-virus experts installed on the computer as long as we plug in the U disk, it will automatically detect the U disk inside the file carrying the virus, if there is, you will be prompted to immediately delete the file, and then open the U disk. This will greatly prevent viruses inside our USB drive from infecting files on our computer's disk.

If unfortunately U disk in the virus, then most of the files inside will be destroyed, this time, U disk antivirus experts U disk repair function to work, we can use U disk antivirus expert repair system functions to repair, repair And virus tampering system items, repair can not be displayed hidden files and folders and other functions. This will fix our USB flash drive.

Many times we will be in some anti-virus software is not installed on the computer, so that how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive our U disk is very susceptible to viruses, in order to prevent the U disk in this case the virus, U disk antivirus experts provide a U disk antivirus Software, that is, anti-virus software that can be installed on the U disk, so that we can protect our U disk from the virus in all directions. For those common autorun virus, U disk antivirus experts also proposed an immune function, specialized immune autorun virus, we can generate a autorun.inf immune file under the specified disk, so that you can effectively prevent the autorun.inf virus, use this Files spread viruses, jeopardizing the security of our computer files. Do not worry about the U disk virus, and do not worry about the virus in the U disk, U disk antivirus experts, U disk antivirus experts and U disk repair dual functions, the full protection of our U disk file security, let us not only use Convenient, but more assured.


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