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U disk poisoning can not be opened how to do?

With the increasing dependence on U disk in our daily life work, more U disk viruses are infected with our U disk, endangering the safety of our U disk files. A growing variety of viruses often keep people from getting caught off guard. Many people have encountered a U disk poisoning can not open the case, this situation may be the most worrying, do not know the U disk inside the file is in what circumstances.

First encountered such a situation we want to use antivirus software to scan the virus on our U disk, how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive killing those who affect the U disk to open the virus, and then use software to repair our U disk file, deep scanning residual virus. In response to this stubborn U disk virus, we want to use a special kill U disk U disk powerful anti-virus software can completely solve this problem. U disk antivirus expert USBKiller is a professional U disk killing tool that can kill more than a thousand kinds of viruses, and can be modified by the virus to modify the system options. After we plug in the USB flash drive, USBKiller will automatically scan the files inside the USB flash drive after it detects the removable storage device. If there is a virus in it, the USB flash drive anti-virus expert will clear the virus immediately. Under normal circumstances like this we can open the U disk. After we open the U disk can not be anxious immediately on the U disk file to operate. We can first use the U disk antivirus expert system repair function to repair our system files to recover those files hidden by the virus or virus-modified system entries.

U disk antivirus experts with U disk immune function, this feature allows us to autorun remover generate a autorun.inf folder below the disk in need of immunization, which can be very effective in preventing the spread of Autorun.inf virus. U disk antivirus experts there is a USB disk can be prohibited from reading and writing settings. This feature can prevent others or viruses use U disk endanger the safety of our computer files. U disk antivirus experts also have an anti-virus software that can be installed on the U disk, that is, USBKiller U disk version. U disk inside with this anti-virus software, no matter what computer is plugged in, do not have to worry about infected U disk virus damage to the file, equivalent to having a real-time protection of the U disk guardian. No longer have to worry about U disk virus infected our U disk file. U disk is an important component of our work now, we must always pay attention to the safety of U disk files, use U disk antivirus experts, always protect the safety of our U disk file.


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