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U disk immediately kill repair tool-U disk antivirus experts

Especially for the use of a long time on the computer, a variety of problems one after another. Although many anti-virus software can have a certain effect, but you want to stop the virus long-term invasion, choose u disk to kill repair tools or good how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive results, not only can completely eliminate a variety of viruses, but also be able to repair a variety of damaged files , This also can guarantee the normal running speed of the computer. Let us take a look at u disk virus killing tool repair function is how to operate it.

Open the u disk Zhuangxiu repair tool, we choose to repair the system will see a variety of need to repair the section, which set many options we can choose, whether the need to display the virus processing dialog box, if necessary, you can point In the virus after the discovery of how to deal with, can also be marked in the settings. The most important is clear u disk in a variety of virus, we are also free to choose a variety of clear way, based entirely on the user's request, this is still a good choice.

U set in a special tool to repair and disinfection of the virus in the treatment of autorun remover the method, we look at the u disk tool to unlock the u disk function, because we know the u disk inserted virus, if not done some processing, then Will directly allow the u disk into the computer intrusion, so we can choose to set whether to unlock the function, to ensure that the virus is not spread. As a result, we can clearly see the U disk Zhuansha repair tool is not useful, and can also be u disk virus is completely isolated. Of course, the main repair function to repair more than 1,200 kinds of viruses, the repair is complete reboot, immediately restored to the most normal state, so this way u special equipment to repair and repair tool is the biggest contributor. U disk virus repair tool immediately download professional - U disk antivirus experts.


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