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U disk icon into a folder is how is it? How to do?

U disk user, you will encounter a situation, my U disk icon into a folder, U disk failure, the result is formatted U disk, making their own very important information is lost. In fact, just a simple format, is not the best solution, you need to use a professional anti-virus software to deal with.

Here to teach you how to use U disk antivirus experts to solve U disk icon into a folder method

1. First make sure you have installed a genuine U disk antivirus expert (USBKiller) stand-alone how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive version, you can download for free at the official website:

2. The U disk into the computer's USB port, open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3. Select the need to scan the storage device, including a total of memory, local hard drive, removable storage 3 kinds of options, and then click on "start scanning":

U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) began to kill your computer, killing is completed, U disk antivirus experts will automatically handle the virus and report to you.

4. Repair the tampered system properties, first in the main interface, click Repair System, then click Select All, and then click Repair Now to restore the initial state of the system.

How to use U disk antivirus experts to repair U disk icon into a folder is not very autorun remover simple, do not need a wealth of expertise, just a few mouse clicks you can get, U disk antivirus experts really is our U disk protector.

Learn more about USB Killer here:


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