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U disk file can not be deleted how to do?

Encountered U disk file can not be deleted when we generally how to solve it? Many people will unplug the u disk to plug it in again or restart the computer or change a computer, or we can also put useful things first on the computer, and then format the U disk; if not enough, we have to check U disk damage ~! Of course, this one step down the problem on the trouble. Therefore, we can consider installing a USB flash drive antivirus software (USBKiller) on our own computer, with which it no longer has to worry about shortcut virus remover the problem that U disk files can not be deleted! In many cases, U disk files can not be deleted due to the virus, the existence of these viruses to our work and study and bring a lot of inconvenience. For those who have obsessive-compulsive friends like me, those vague but can not delete the folder does not seem to be the common eye! Here we take a look at U disk antivirus experts how to remove can not delete the folder. Steps: 1, U disk file will appear can not be deleted into the USB interface of the computer's USB interface, open the desktop U disk antivirus software (USBKiller).

2, select the object you want to scan - memory, local hard drive, removable storage how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive three scan options can all choose. But if you just want to delete files on the U disk file steps, you can only check in the "mobile storage" option, so the virus killing the U disk will be faster and better. Finally click "Start Scan" button! Through the above steps, U disk antivirus software (USBKiller) will be a comprehensive and systematic anti-virus on the U disk, U disk can not be deleted files are also easily find USBKiller and promptly deleted! U disk antivirus software (USBKiller) can not only help you eliminate the U disk can not be deleted files, but also can help you quickly find the U disk memory and delete the virus! With USBKiller, your virus will become healthy!


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