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U disk antivirus tools which effect is good?

If our unfortunate u disk virus, valuable information will be leaked, this time, we will choose a u disk antivirus tools to prevent the invasion of the virus. Usbkiller was born in such a background, how to use u disk to protect u disk security?

Usbkiller is a u disk virus killing tool, it also comes with u disk repair function, autorun remover to be able to repair the u disk virus files. Antivirus, from installing usbkiller! When you insert u disk in usbkiller's computer, the system can detect whether there is a virus in your u disk, if there is, it will immediately kill your virus software, and then you will be prompted to safely open u disk, so U disk to prevent a great invasion of the computer virus, but also the first time to protect the information security U disk. Of course, u disk antivirus tools not only in this function. What if you are operating on a computer that does not have autorun virus usbkiller installed? Similarly, usbkiller also provides u disk version of the killing software, so you can protect their u disk anytime, anywhere. For u disk common autorun virus, usbkiller also introduced automatic u disk immune function, autorun virus specifically for the automatic generation of autorun.inf immune software, which can effectively prevent the autorun folder virus invasion. Now, you no longer have to worry about the virus in the u disk. There is such an authoritative u disk expert guard you. Let us truly rest assured U disk!


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