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U disk antivirus software to solve U disk infection virus trouble

U disk antivirus software - USBKiller is my great benefactor, you know why? Spring is just looking forward to our footsteps, but in such a beautiful day, I am experiencing troubles - I stored in the U disk school party planning video file life and death can not be opened up! This is a masterpiece I have carefully prepared for a full two weeks! The party will be held soon, how can I be good? "Is not your U disk infected with the virus? Use USBKiller test it!" Students a simple sentence so that all things turn for the better. When I insert the USB flash drive into the computer where he installed the USB flash drive antivirus software, the computer interface pops up a USBKiller "Restore USB flash drive data" window prompts "The following USB flash drive data has been corrupted by the virus", and sure enough my video File is autorun remover infected with the virus.

Software Tips USBKiller can be used to restore the data inside, which is in my mind ~ As a computer novice I have not learned to U disk "cure", USBKiller automatically repair the file, automatically restore the data function is very good for me . According to USBKiller antivirus software features tips, I chose to directly restore the U disk inside the data, and restore the data to a personal computer. Leave a backup on your computer to add a double insurance policy to my party video. Tasted the benefits of USBKiller, anti-virus software autorun virus on this U disk I admire it, quickly to the official website to download. When installing USBKiller, it also automatically pops up a virus scanning window and starts to detect the presence of a virus in the mobile device I access to the computer.

After testing, U disk antivirus software once again asked me if I check the computer memory and the hard disk whether there is a virus, the original software not only works on the U disk, you can also kill the virus for the computer hard drive, the function is really complete.

USBKiller helped me through this difficult time to protect the U disk file security, to avoid unnecessary losses must not miss such a good U disk antivirus software!


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