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U disk antivirus experts preferred USBKiller experts

Recent work is very unpleasant, because their sloppy in the u disk copy of the information, so that the client's computer was infected with a virus, for which the boss also cursed me a meal, and asked me to find out the source of the virus. However, the company has dozens of computers, u disk is also necessary for everyone to use it, to find the source of the virus from where I start? Looking around, and finally in the recommendation of another company friends, I installed the u disk antivirus expert USBKiller. He said that this U disk antivirus software is very good, take the initiative to prevent Trojan software exists in the u shortcut virus remover disk, safe and easy to operate.

After listening to the recommendation, I immediately installed the u disk antivirus experts, because it is used in the company, so download the Enterprise Edition. After the installation is complete, I opened the first interface let me think this software is extremely professional. Because the company is sharing a network, so to set the IP address, but also can use multiple machines together, with a machine ID, so if you detect the virus can know which machine is infected with the virus, which effectively killing ! And u disk antivirus experts also have a very attentive service, all the information in the central control management options at a glance. Authorize the number of clients Let me know how many machines connected to the software, so as to avoid missing due to too many machines. As well as remotely manage client USB port permissions, you can set a uniform level of virus protection through remote control, effectively unified the security of the company-wide machines, not because of individual personnel do not know how to set up and unexpected virus infection situation! It also has the function of automatic updates, timely updates of the virus database, put an end to new virus infections.

U disk antivirus experts USBKiller addition to the main function, there is a very useful function. how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive Very often, when we unplug the u disk from the computer, we see the message "Can not delete the hardware." Very often, in order to hurry, we directly ignore this sentence, u will be hard to pull out directly, this will actually cause U disk damage! The U disk antivirus expert USBKiller u disk unlock feature allows us to unlock the u disk for safe exit, effective control u disk damage, greatly reducing the company's unnecessary wear and tear!

Since the company used the u disk antivirus experts, work efficiency greatly enhanced. And, no longer have to worry about problems with the U disk infected with the virus.


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