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U disk antivirus file disappeared, how to restore it?

U disk virus, the use of anti-virus software to kill poison, open the U disk, but found that the file does not exist, select "Show hidden files" can not be restored hidden files, which is why?

This is because the virus has tampered with the properties of the folder, the file shortcut virus remover is set to read-only, hidden system files, the folder in the USB drive is hidden. On the recovery can choose a professional recovery folder tool to solve, U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller), the software can not only quickly remove stubborn Trojans, viruses, but also to repair the system damage caused by virus infection and insecure settings .

Here to see U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) is how to restore the missing file:

U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), free download address:

1, the U disk and the computer connected to open U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

Note: If you are not sure whether the U disk has a virus, it is recommended to use the "Scanning Tool" to scan the U disk and detect the virus killing the U disk. For details, please click here.

2, select "Repair System", select "Repair can not display hidden files and folders" option, how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or click "Select All", click "Start Repair" button.

U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) to restore the hidden files so simple, you can easily solve your problems. U disk can also be immune to prevent the invasion of the virus, from the source to ensure that your computer and U disk security.

Learn more about USB flash drive here:


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