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U disk anti-virus software installation, let me no longer fear Internet cafes virus

U disk antivirus software installed cure me Internet cafes virus phobia, how is this going on? This is the case, my few buddies again invited me to go to the Internet to play computer. Speaking of this Internet cafe, since the night I made the information because Internet cafes destroyed the virus, I was suffering from Internet cafes virus phobia, Internet cafes feel in addition to the computer is a virus. After their soft grinding foam, I still came with them to the Internet cafe, do not boot, is sitting next to them watching autorun virus them online. At this moment, the administrator of the Internet cafe came over and asked strangely why I did not open a computer. I told him a moment and he laughed aloud. After laughing, I asked for my u disk, that is to install u disk anti-virus software to help me cure this Internet cafe virus phobia. A moment later, he handed me the u disk, saying I can rest assured that the u disk in the cafe. I suspiciously open the computer, insert u disk, and soon I found a u disk antivirus software started scanning the entire computer.

A short while pop-up a box prompted me to scan the entire computer, there is no virus, you can rest assured that the safe use of u disk. He came to the administrator, he told me that this is the installation of U disk antivirus software.

Originally called USBKiller software is specifically killing u disk virus, u disk how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive antivirus software installed, whenever u disk, it will help you scan the computer for viruses, once found, to help you immediately clear Lost. Know the benefits of installing u disk antivirus software, I no matter where, on which computer, no longer have to worry about the virus. This USBKiller software really is a treasure Yeah, I quickly told the news to several buddies, to help them put everyone's computer to install u disk anti-virus software.


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