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U disk VBS virus cleaning tutorial

VBS virus, the English name: Visual Basic Script, although the preparation of the virus program is simple, but destructive, infected htm, asp, jsp, php and other web files and spread, the virus is usually through continuous self-replication to infection Files, some of the code in the virus or even directly attached to other similar programs, the poisoning of the computer will generate under each drive letter. Vbs, autorun.exe and other documents. Affect the computer's speed, users will feel more and more computer card.

Here we teach you to know VBS virus, and the correct use of U disk antivirus experts killing VBS virus.

The first step: understanding VBS virus

VBS virus in the computer, there will be shown as follows. Vbs file,vbs file

Note: The file name is generally uncertain, sometimes it will be: autorun remover pagefileconfig.vbs or prndrvr.vbsprnjobs.vbs, etc., the main manifestation is to exist in. Vbs format.

The virus self-replicating fast, if not immediately cleared, will continue to appear on your computer a copy of the file.

.vbs file copy template

Step Two: Install U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), killing VBS virus

If your computer is not installed U disk antivirus experts, you can click here to download, install, open the main interface, click "Start Scanning":

usbkiller open the main interface

After the end of the scan, the name of the virus, the path and the corresponding processing result will appear.

usbkiller killing vbs virus

Application U disk antivirus experts killing VBS virus, convenient and quick, do not worry will be deleted after the next such vbs virus appears, in addition, U disk antivirus experts have the function of repair U disk, killing the U disk virus at the same time, Repair shortcut virus remover your U disk system, and immune your U disk, U anti-virus experts for more information on the introduction, please click on the following URL:


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