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Several folders on your computer suddenly become a file with exe extension, these folders can not be opened, what should I do?

In order to facilitate their own file storage, on the computer, we usually set up some known name to your name folder, and sometimes encountered on the computer's folder suddenly became a file with exe extension, even worse Yes, choose to double-click or right-click to open these folders are not open, do not see the contents of it, how is this going on?

The first thing to do is to confirm the above is not a virus in the computer, there is a U disk virus, its manifestations is to change the original folder in the computer to. Exe extension, and the folder can not be opened,

To confirm whether the computer folder into the EXE virus method:

Change your original folder properties to hidden and generate a .exe file with autorun remover the same name, the same icon as the folder.

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Click run, it is equal to run the virus, and then jump to the folder can not open the folder, select Tools - Folder Options - View, remove the hidden object hook removed, and then select Show All Files or Folders, See if it is still hidden. If you follow the above options do not have more hidden files, then it shows you the folder into an EXE virus.

Choose to directly reinstall the computer system, is bound shortcut virus remover to be very troublesome, the original software in the computer, have to re-download and install, now with U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), do not have to worry about the folder becomes exe extension, installation After scanning your system disk, scan the same time, effectively killing your computer virus, the use of U disk antivirus experts into the folder into EXE tutorial click here.


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