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Self-made antivirus u disk to understand due to need

Homemade antivirus u disk has an important premise, that is, the use of the u disk has a boot function. If you do not have such a function, it is impossible to create anti-virus U disk. Of course, after meeting this prerequisite, it is of the utmost importance to know how to make it as a matter of need. In order to meet the needs of different clients, for different antivirus needs, u disk online antivirus experts designed a variety how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive of different versions of U disk antivirus software.

For example, for individual stand-alone version you can choose a dedicated stand-alone version for production, you can easily create a convenient antivirus U disk. u disk dedicated killing virus, but also to achieve a comprehensive test, to eliminate the use of different versions, can not achieve the best anti-virus effect.

Of course, it also includes PC version, campus version and enterprise version. U disk virus protection box, according to different needs and requirements for anti-virus effect to choose the appropriate version of the anti-virus U disk produced to meet the actual needs. Self-made antivirus u disk is the most important choice to the appropriate version, which can rely on U disk system to solve the antivirus problem. If suddenly one day the system can not start or be violated by the virus, then the production of anti-virus U disk can be cleverly solved and killing the virus successfully rescued the system.

May wish to website select the appropriate autorun remover version to download, easy to quickly make the appropriate u disk antivirus tools, to ensure that they can easily deal with network viruses. Plug and play anti-virus advantage is currently unmatched by other anti-virus software. With such software, you can always protect your network security, eliminate many hidden dangers and losses caused by network viruses, eliminate economic losses caused by the virus and the erosion of various important information.


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