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School room virus raging, how to do?

A school computer room, U disk virus cross-infection problem

Now many schools for teaching requirements, are equipped with their own school room, public places do, students are in use, the operation is very casual, so the computer room is very easy to get infected with the virus. We will frequently use the U disk and other mobile storage devices in the machine room Internet access, if you plug in is a toxic disk, it will infect you plug in the computer, the next person happens to use this machine on your mobile disk And his disk has been infected, so cross-infection down, the entire room on the virus spread.

Two common solutions

How to effectively solve this problem, we all think of installing antivirus software, but the mobile storage device virus is different from ordinary computer viruses, the general anti-virus software can not detect the mobile storage device virus, leading us to format the removable disk, Cause data loss, the computer needs to format the hard disk reload system can, it takes a lot of time. Another general anti-virus software requires online upgrades to ensure that the virus database is up-to-date, but often within the school computer room is not allowed to access shortcut virus remover the Internet, so the virus database will not be updated online, antivirus software also feel helpless oh.

Three Xiaobian recommended program

Xiao Bian recommend an anti-virus software here - U disk antivirus experts Campus Edition (USBKiller), with a comprehensive scan killing the virus, fully aware of the U disk virus, active defense, unlock U disk and other functions, it is entirely Tailor-made for the school computer room, you can effectively solve the computer, U disk virus cross-infection problems. Xiaobian for you to explain the following:

1) U disk antivirus experts include client and server

Server installed on the server, you can upgrade online or offline upgrade in two ways to autorun remover upgrade the software virus database client installed on all other schools in the computer, through the LAN connection server upgrade, no Internet access to ensure that the virus is the latest

2) working principle

As long as you run the USBKiller on your computer, any inserted removable storage device will be scanned by USBKiller in advance, completely preventing the virus from infecting the computer through the storage devices such as USB flash drive, mobile phone and MP3. At the same time, USBKiller has a built- The same can effectively remove all kinds of viruses within the computer. With USBKiller, our mobile storage devices do not have to be formatted, data will not be lost, the computer system does not have to reload, the network management of the computer room is also more relaxed.

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