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Is there any way to defend autorun virus?

There are a lot of viruses online now, and for a variety of reasons our USB drive will be on many computers. Then the probability of poisoning is very large, the most common type of virus is autorun virus. how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive In the autorun virus is difficult to completely remove. Then we should avoid infection autorun virus. So how to avoid infection autorun virus? Here are a few ways:

Method One: Insert the U disk, hold down the shift key until the system shows that the device is ready for use.

Method two: open the U disk, it is best not to use double-click autorun virus to open, to use Windows Explorer open. Open "My Computer", click the folder button on the toolbar or start ? Programs ? Accessories ? Windows Explorer open Windows Explorer, and then through the left tree directory to open the U disk file.

Method three: BAT batch can be prepared by the closure of each disk automatically play it, first create a Notepad file, say the following copy into, and then the file name suffix can be changed to BAT:

@ECHO off

REG.exe DELETE HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MountPoints2 / f

REG.exe ADD HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MountPoints2

ECHO HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MountPoints2 []>% temp% \ temp.txt

REGINI.exe% temp% \ temp.txt

GOTO: eof

Method 4: Click Start ? Run, enter gpedit.msc. Click Computer Configuration ? Administrative Templates ? System, double-click Turn Off Autoplay to the right, select All Drives, then select Enabled, and then press OK.

Method Five: Autorun.inf established in each disk folder, and set to read-only and hidden attributes, as the same name under the disk files and folders can only exist one, so use this trick to prevent the virus to generate auturun virus .

The above method can only be simple to prevent autorun virus, as the virus is getting smarter, they will delete or rename your autorun.inf folder, so the above five methods are useless. Anti-autorun virus use Professional autorun virus defender U disk antivirus expert USBkiller, its U disk immune function allows your U disk will never be infected with the autorun.inf virus. The following is the use of autorun virus defender-U disk anti-virus experts to prevent autorun virus specific method:

1. First go to the official website to download and install U disk antivirus expert USBkiller:

View how to install U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version

2. Open U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3. Click the "Immune U disk virus" button on the left item bar. Check the ban on automatic operation and select the need to immunize the drive letter, and finally click start immunization, your U disk will be completely eradicated infection autorun.inf virus.

Although the Autorun virus is a small virus, it causes headaches, so we need to prevent it gradually. I suggest that you still use a professional anti-virus software to prevent autorun virus, after all, in this regard they are experts.


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