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How to use U disk antivirus expert to delete autorun.inf folder?

When the autorun.inf folder appears on every disk in the computer, what should I do? Do not panic, we right-click the file, view its properties, if it is 0 bytes, you do not need to deal with it, because the autorun.inf folder is an immune file created by anti-virus software or suicide killing tool, mainly used to protect System, to prevent the real U disk virus autorun.inf automatically run and write to the system. If it is not 0 byte autorun.inf folder that is a virus, viruses and Trojans use autorun.inf spread, invade the computer. When you double-click the disk, the virus is propagated through autorun.inf. U disk antivirus experts can easily remove autorun.inf virus.

So how to use U disk antivirus experts to clear the autorun.inf folder? Please follow the steps below.

1. First go to the U disk antivirus expert website free download and install U disk antivirus expert USBkiller:

2. Will contain autorun.inf U disk, phone memory card into the computer, open U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3. Select the area you want to scan, including a total of memory, local hard drive, removable storage 3 options, and then click on "start scanning":

U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) is scanning, U disk antivirus experts will automatically find autorun.inf and do related processing.

4 scan end, Autorun virus killing tool-U disk virus killing will be how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive listed in the taskbar to kill all the autorun.inf virus, and shows that the virus has been handled clean.

5. To avoid re-infection with the Autoru.inf virus, you can immunize the USB drive by first clicking the Immunization diskette virus tab on the sidebar. Disable the autorun function on the hook and select the disk to be immune, and finally click to start the immune, your u disk will not be infected again autorun.inf virus.

Use Autoruninf virus kill - U disk antivirus experts to remove the poison autorun remover Autorun.inf folder is so easy. U disk antivirus experts can not only aurorun.inf, but also check out OSO.exe virus, beautiful game virus, VBS virus 1200 kinds of viruses.

Learn more about USB Killer here:


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