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How to prevent U disk virus?

With the development of science and technology, the computer has entered various households and offices. In order to meet the needs of life and work, often the files need to be transferred between computers, which often uses the compact and convenient u disk. And together with the computer is a virus that we are familiar with, how to prevent u disk virus is an issue we urgently need to understand. Want to know how to prevent u disk virus, we start with the u disk virus spread to start talking about. u disk virus as long as relying on the autorun.inf file, first copy the virus to the u disk and then create an autorun.inf file, when we run u disk, it will automatically run according to the autorun.inf file settings u disk Carry the virus. As long as we effectively stop running autorun.inf file can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. The u disk generally have their own auto-play function, once inserted into the computer, u disk will automatically open to run. Analysis of the mechanism shortcut virus remover of u disk virus spread, then how should we prevent u disk virus, in fact, very simple, only need u disk antivirus expert software to help. U disk antivirus experts is a software that helps us to check u disk virus, it can detect exe file virus, autorun virus and various folders to hide the virus, and there are a series of supporting functions, with it you can You can rest assured that the use of u disk, MP3, mobile phone memory cards and other mobile storage devices. Function said so much, you must be particularly anxious to know exactly how to use this software, the following to see the specific operation: The first step: go to the website download U antivirus experts, the software Installation is very simple, follow the prompts to install step by step. In this interface, there are many functions, you can choose according to need. The second step, open the software interface, select the immune u disk virus on the left, and then check the "ban automatic operation function", that is, to prevent u disk automatically play, which is how to solve the problem of how to prevent u disk virus to do the first Work, very important, do not neglect.

The third step, insert u disk, choose to scan the virus, if you find the how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive virus, it will automatically begin to clear the autorun virus.

Know how to prevent u disk virus, right? Is not particularly simple.


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