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How to install U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version?

U disk antivirus experts USBKiller (former U disk virus killing tools) stand-alone version can detect killing autorun, folder viruses and more than 1,200 U disk virus killing.

Stand-alone version for personal computers, you can install this version on your PC, you autorun remover can kill the local computer virus U disk, and when using U disk and other mobile devices, it will be fully tested and killed.

Personal home use U U disk antivirus experts at the same time with U disk version, more convenient killing viruses and protect the computer and U disk.

If you have not installed or have questions about how to install, please follow the tutorial to install USBKiller this U disk antivirus gadget:

Please take a look at the U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version of the support system:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

1. Download U antivirus expert stand-alone installation package.

2. Download, please double-click the installation package, then there will be a welcome screen below the installation wizard, of course, we determine the need to install, click "Next":

3. As shown in the interface, click "Next"

4. As shown in the prompts, select the shortcut to store the location, click "Next":

5. If you want to create a shortcut icon on the desktop to facilitate your later use, please default, of course, you can choose according to their needs, not to create, select, click "Next":

6. Here you can systematically look at just a few steps to choose the installation autorun virus settings, if confirmed, then click on "Install":

7. Installation is complete, immediately run U disk antivirus experts, killing the computer, U disk U disk virus

If you are in use, what problems encountered, please find in the technical support, you can also contact us directly:


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