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How to effectively prevent the U disk virus?

For people who use U disk frequently. U disk virus is the most painful thing. It seems that no matter how careful we are, we can not avoid the virus in the USB stick. In the face of U disk virus, we seem to always walk in the back of the virus, and always in the virus and then antivirus, repeated over and over again. Even so, it will also pose a huge risk to our data security. So we hope there is a way we can walk in front of the virus, so as to truly U disk antivirus effect, rather than U disk antivirus. The first step, we can go to the Group Policy window, select the option to turn off the auto-play function inside. The second step, although we shut down the U disk autoplay shortcut virus remover function, but the U disk virus is still possible when the double-click drive letter invaded the system, this time we need to modify the registry value U disk virus to prevent double-click automatically run. The third step, a lot of U disk virus is to use Autorun.inf file to spread. Based on this method, we can create an Autorun.inf file under each disk. And only read-only, hidden, system file attributes, so that you can avoid the U disk virus to create your own Autorun.inf file. Operate so much, we have reached the purpose of U disk antivirus it? Of course, this is to be able to effectively prevent a simple U disk virus, but these are simple operations and can not prevent the latest U disk virus. If we want to be truly safe, we also need some advanced tools to help us prevent the virus in the U disk.

U disk antivirus software USBKiller is not only an efficient U disk virus killing tools, but also make your U disk effectively prevent U disk virus. U disk antivirus experts not only provide scanning virus function but also u disk immune virus function. Here we can be very simple to disable automatic operation. But also can choose immune disk. Thus effectively preventing the virus in the hard disk infected U disk, but also to prevent the U disk virus infected disk, with mutual protection features. There is also a security tool to secure our PC and USB stick data: you can disable writing data to the USB stick, or you can disable USB devices. This also reached the effect of another U disk anti-virus. The how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive importance of data for our daily work is clear to all. We must not be content to protect data security, let alone save trouble. U disk anti-virus software to effectively prevent the U disk virus, the data loss to minimize the risk.


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