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How to display U disk hidden files?

Many people who use the U disk have experienced the virus infection U disk, U disk anti-virus ability is poor, leading to a lot of viruses as the U disk as a major target. Often make us impossible to guard against, U disk in the virus, it is possible to bring us no small loss, how to prevent the U disk virus invasion, how to recover the U disk file poisoning, are we to consider. There is a more popular virus is the mask exeU disk virus, this virus infects our USB flash drive, it will hide our USB flash drive folder, and then create a new name of the same exe executable file. Even the icon is the same, in this case, if we do not show the extension, then we can easily click on it to trigger the virus. Infected our files. This time we have no choice but to use anti-virus software to kill these viruses, remove these viruses, we will find this time the file inside the U disk is lost. Many people think that antivirus software manslaughter, in order to be on the safe side, many people have chosen to autorun remover format the disk, in fact, careful people will find that the U disk capacity shows U disk file, but was hidden by the U disk virus. Although anti-virus software to remove the U disk virus, but did not recover the U disk file. We need to use professional tools to recover the files inside the USB flash drive and display the hidden files on the USB flash drive. U disk antivirus experts is a professional U disk virus Zhuanshagongju. You can kill more than a thousand kinds of stubborn U disk virus, and can repair U disk virus tampering system items, and display U disk hidden files. Use U disk antivirus experts to restore U disk file steps is very simple, we only need to open the U disk antivirus experts, which repair system options inside select some of the features, you can choose to restore U disk inside the file and repair can not display the hidden folder and File option. Select these two options for repair, we can almost show U disk hidden files.

In addition to antivirus U disk antivirus recovery U disk file, there are other features autorun virus that can immunize the disk in the specified disk directory to generate a autorun.inf file to prevent the use of autorun.inf virus to spread the file. You can also prohibit the U disk read and write operations to prevent viruses or personal use of U disk endanger the computer files. If you encounter a U disk can not be safely popped up, we can also take advantage of U disk antivirus expert unlock function, pop-up U disk. U disk anti-virus experts, let us U disk away from the virus. U-disk easily clear virus U disk hidden files, so that our U disk more healthy.


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