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How to delete autorun.inf folder?

The autorun.inf file is one of the more common files on our computer. Its function is to automatically run a certain file when you double-click the disk. However, in recent years, many viruses exploit this file for dissemination. It is a commonly used trick for viruses to use tempting file names to induce users to click to trigger the virus to run. In many cases, in order to prevent the virus using the autorun.inf file to spread the virus, endangering the safety of our computer data. So sometimes we have a simple way to prevent shortcut virus remover this from happening. That is, we create a new autorun.inf file below the drive letter, and we know that two of the same files in the same directory can not coexist. However, the virus will delete this new file we manually created. We often create this file by using anti-virus software and give it permission so that the virus can not delete and generate such a file. U disk antivirus expert USBKiller can specify the drive letter immune, generate autorun.inf file, so the virus is difficult to generate autorun.inf folder. Select the immune disk stand-alone immune, you can generate autorun.inf file in the appropriate disk, immune virus.

This software-generated immune documents is not so easy to delete. Many people after how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive immunization, but also worried about whether the virus generated files, you want to delete this file, but can not be deleted. So many people mistakenly believe that the virus infection, in fact, not. This is because it is generated by the software, so we manually delete can not be deleted. This time as long as we select the need to cancel the immune disk. Then hit Cancel Immunize button. So that the disk below autorun.inf folder can be deleted.


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