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How to deal with folder shortcuts virus? What to do when viruses are shortcuts?

In the process of using the u disk, the fear is that there is a virus, you can work more smoothly in the workplace can be like a duck. However, "the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny," u disc in the process shortcut virus remover of always such a problem, this is not, folder shortcuts virus appeared, how to deal with it?

In order to clean up these viruses, so that their u disk can still work properly, invited a computer expert to help deal with. In the course of his operation, his eyes are often wide open, want to learn to operate, so as not to encounter such problems next time, but also trouble people. As long as the use of u disk, it is inevitable that these problems ah. However, only found that the virus is a shortcut, as the process of cleaning up, is like falling five miles in the clouds, can not find a way out. What the correct choice of tools to clean it, the end of the system memory friends, delete the file, delete the registry friends, repair the file friends, hear the monk Zhangzong puzzled, really do not understand, I feel depressed, how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and later encountered documents Folder shortcut virus, still do not know how to solve ah. So, when faced with viruses are shortcuts, is there a simple way to deal with it? In people's long-awaited, u disk antivirus experts appeared, its appearance, it can be said that the oasis in the desert, to allow people to see hope. With it, u disk to use more convenient. U disk antivirus experts, not only a shortcut to kill the virus, to provide a fool-style operation, the most simple and easy to master, it can be said that the u disk is in a vacuum state of protection, no virus and then carry to other Opportunity on the computer.


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