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How to U disk virus killing?

Now that we are using U disk more and more to help us work, there are more and more adverse effects that come from the fact that more U disk viruses are offensive to our U disk , Let us U disk infected with the virus, and may result in the loss of documents. This has seriously endangered the safety of our U disk file. In order to ensure the safety of U disk file, we need to regularly U disk virus killing operation. Since at present we mainly use anti-virus software for computer disk viruses, and disk virus and U disk virus spread in different ways, so the use of such antivirus software to prevent U disk virus intrusion effect is not obvious, so if we want To effectively protect the safety of U disk file, we must use a professional U disk virus killing tool to kill U disk virus. U disk antivirus experts USBKiller is a basket of professional U disk virus killing tools, the use of U disk antivirus experts we can in-depth killing more than a thousand stubborn U disk virus protection U disk file security. You can also repair filesystem projects and restore files and folders hidden by the virus.

As long as our U-disk device is plugged into a computer running the U disk antivirus expert, the U-disk antivirus expert will automatically detect whether the files in the U disk carry the virus. Will delete one of the virus files, ensure safety before you will be prompted to open the file safely. Many times our USB drive folder is hidden, mainly because the USB drive virus hides them and has the same name as the virus file, inducing us to click to trigger the virus. After killing the virus, we can not display these hidden files. At this time we can use the U disk antivirus expert repair system functions, U disk file repair, restore the virus hidden U disk file.

U disk antivirus experts We can also immunize the disk, in the specified disk to generate a corresponding autorun.inf folder, so that you can effectively prevent the infection of the autorun.inf virus. At the same time we can also use U disk antivirus experts prohibit read and write operations, prohibit the U disk device read and write operations, which can be very good to prevent individuals or viruses use U disk autorun remover endanger the safety of our computer files. At present, the main anti-virus software is installed on the computer disk, if we U disk in the anti-virus software is not installed on the computer to work, autorun virus then it is likely to infect U disk virus. In view of this situation U disk antivirus experts to provide a U disk can be installed inside the U disk version of anti-virus software. So that our U disk no matter what computer to use, they have a U disk virus killing software. If you are still troubled by the U disk virus, if you still want to make the U disk is not poisonous, try U disk antivirus experts, easily killing the U disk virus, a comprehensive protection U disk file security, U disk virus to go Back again.


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