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How to delete u disk hidden partition? Quick recovery u disk hidden space

We usually use the u disk, will be u disk is divided into two zones, and one of them set to hide the partition, so important files installed in the hidden partition, so that either by mistake or formatting Or when infected with the virus, the hidden partition contents are safe and sound, does not affect the integrity of the data. Now, the default operating system only recognize a partition, making the hidden partition can not be displayed, how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or even another partition can not be used normally. In view of this situation, we only delete u disk hidden partition, restore u disk hidden space, then, how to operate it?

Delete u disk hidden partition, the purpose is to merge the hidden partition u disk, so that the u disk as a whole, so that we operate on the computer, there will be no file can not be displayed, u disk can not be used . Because u disk hidden space, when used will bring a lot of inconvenience, in order to delete these partitions, which merged into a region, we use the rest of the recovery is very complicated, very troublesome to operate, most people can not operate successfully, and now you can use u disk antivirus experts to complete. U disk anti-virus software for anti-virus, it will be able to automatically restore the hidden files, so that we are more user-friendly. With u disk antivirus experts, you can delete the u disk hidden partition, u disk hidden space recovery, so that those hidden files or space can be displayed, so that the u disk can be more conducive to service. With u disk antivirus experts, all problems can be solved, if you also want to give u disk to provide better service, if your u disk file is hidden, autorun remover u disk antivirus experts may wish to make their own u disk hidden space Show it, so that your u disk at its peak, to provide quality services now.


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