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Clear the autorun virus to keep the friendship going

Snow and my colleagues is a very good friend, always talked about all kinds of life or work problems. But the good news is not long. What happened later has almost broken our friendship. Thanks to USBKiller's timely removal of the autorun virus, our friendship can continue to develop. This is the case. After working for some time, I and Snow have to run for the supervisor. We have agreed that we should compete fairly, no matter who will be celebrated in autorun remover the end. The next day, I put my report to the leadership, the snow hurriedly pulled me to tell me that her u disk is broken, I hope to use my u disk to copy. As a good friend, of course, I did not say anything, I put another u disk lent to her. Unexpectedly, after a while, she found me overcast, saying that I deliberately gave her a u disk with a virus, so she prepared the report can not be opened. I went to check it, the original is u disk autorun virus, test report can not be opened. No way to explain to her too much, it is imperative to clear the autorun virus. I found on the Internet a software called USBKiller killing virus specifically killing u disk, this software is designed to clear the autorun virus, I downloaded it to install the computer to run. Through the "scan virus" function, I put all the memory on the computer's memory, hard disk and u disk scan again and quickly found the successful removal of the autorun virus, I put snow report again downloaded, Copy to the u disk so she sent to the manager.

Later, the snow to apologize to me, just because I was too anxious to say so. This really thanks to the software, autorun virus to help me promptly clear the autorun virus, so that our friendship can continue. Later, I u disk antivirus software repeatedly helped me kill the u disk virus, but also to repair the damage caused by the virus and settings, and can make immune u disk, u disk at all times to protect against viruses, really deserved to be a Section u professional anti-virus software, a number of features let me benefit.


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