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Available 1KB shortcut virus killing method _ shortcut shortcut keys kill virus effective?

1KB shortcut virus principle

1KB shortcut virus, also known as Storm One virus, which through the creation of NTFS data flow abduction system normal program to escape the anti-virus software startup killing, but also to modify the file associated txtfile. When the user double-click to open "My Computer" will activate automatically run the shortcut virus, and can hide the system directory folder and create a shortcut with the same name point to the original folder, lure users click, as long as the user double-click the shortcut, although the computer will Open the previously hidden folder, but also run the virus (the file name suffix vbs), so that your computer is poisoned.

1KB shortcut virus judgment

If your computer has the following symptoms: "My Computer" has been modified to open the way, the system file to modify the association, IE associated changes, the system directory folder is hidden, then your computer how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive is in the Storm One shortcut to the virus.

1KB shortcut virus solution

1, the most common is to manually delete, but manually delete a lot of trouble may also lead to repeated infections of the virus, and each time it creates a new file, its md5 value is constantly changing. Therefore, the virus can not be completely erased.

2, recommend the use of professional shortcuts virus killing tools-U disk shortcut virus remover antivirus experts (USBKiller), U disk antivirus experts is a Superclean efficient anti-virus engine powerful shortcuts virus kill, it can completely remove the 1KB shortcut virus, but also Can detect a variety of U disk virus and U disk immune, fundamentally protect your computer security.

U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) official website:


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