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Autorun.inf how to delete? U disk antivirus experts help you hand!

Autorun.inf is a file that is more common in everyday computer use. Because it runs automatically, some viruses take advantage of this and take advantage of it through the autorun.inf file to get the hard drive, especially autorun remover the USB drive, harmed . Autorun.inf due to the virus can not be deleted, you can help U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller).

Now let us look at U disk antivirus experts how to easily delete autorun.inf

1. Double-click to open your U disk antivirus experts, there will be the following screen:

2. Select the need to scan the project, click the "Start Scan" button, U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) will be a quick scan.

3. After the scan, the USB Killer will detect and kill the virus that contains the autorun.inf virus, and the result will display the virus processing information, as shown in the following figure:

In this way, U disk antivirus experts will be infected with the virus Autorun.inf completely deleted, that restart the computer will not appear again. U disk antivirus experts can not only clear the autorun.inf file easily, but also can remove many other U disk virus, for example, the folder is hidden virus. U disk can also be immune, and even killing Trojans and viruses. In addition, it also provides some U disk accessibility features, such as U disk unlocking features and process management. Therefore, U disk antivirus experts can well protect your autorun virus computer system security.

For more information on U disk antivirus experts, please log in Chinese official website:


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