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Anti-virus software installed in the U disk security U disk file security

Now more and more advanced information technology, people increasingly enjoy the high-tech life brought about by high-speed time. It is also getting more and more computer viruses. U disk as the current mainstream mobile storage devices, but also gradually received a large number of virus threats. How to ensure the safety of U disk file has now become a hot topic. Now the main method to prevent the virus is installed on the computer, yes, it can play a preventive role in the virus, but not all the computers are equipped with anti-virus software, some people are not aware of the virus awareness, there is no Recognize the dangers of the virus. So their computer may not have any protective software installed, this time if we put the U disk to their computer up, it is likely to make our U disk infected with the virus, which in our U disk file autorun remover Security poses a threat. So we hope we can have an anti-virus software installed in the U disk, so no matter we have installed the protection software on the computer that U-disk inserted, we do not have to worry about the U disk file will not be poisoned. U disk antivirus experts is a professional killing U disk virus software, you can kill more than a thousand stubborn U disk virus. At the same time provide system repair and immune disk function. U disk antivirus experts also provided a single version and U disk version of the two versions of the software designed to kill U disk, you can also install the computer hard disk and U disk,

As long as we download the good U disk version of U antivirus experts extract to the U disk inside it. As long as the U disk inside the U disk antivirus experts installed U disk version, regardless of the computer is inserted there is no protective software, it will first sweep their face if there is a virus. Opened in the U disk to run this software, we can choose to scan the virus, the computer's hard drive, autorun virus memory, and removable storage devices to scan. Kill a variety of U disk virus. You can also choose to immunize U disk virus. Dedicated to our disk to prevent Autorun.inf virus from penetrating our computer. Repair system tools can repair virus damage system options, repair the registry, and hidden files. Anti-virus software installed in the U disk, U disk U disk version of anti-virus experts, you can always protect me U disk files from viruses, to ensure the smooth progress of our daily work.


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