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1kb folder virus so I almost lost credibility

Yesterday ushered in the first snow this winter, get up in the morning, open the window to breathe the fresh air, winter taste diffuse into the room. Quickly dressed after washing, simply eat a little meal, say goodbye to her mother, pick up the bag ready to go to work. Just walked to the gate, my mother stopped me, the original u-forgotten with us. This is very important to me today, because there is a task I stayed up late last night to do these contributions are not expensive. As if I saw those royalties think of me beckons, I flew to the office, quickly open the computer, landing qq, ready to pass these tasks draft to customers. When I opened the how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive computer, click on the copy, I found a serious problem, how the size of my documents into a total of 1kb, not only 1kb. But also hit is not open, how can this be done.

After searching the internet, I found out that I was a 1kb folder virus in me. So quickly enable anti-virus software, began killing, after a long day of scanning, and finally found the traces of the virus, but I can not afford to remind. This can be really finished, royalties will not say, can not complete the task of customers in a timely manner, which made me how to explain it to customers! The next thing is constantly searching the Internet for 1kb folder virus coping methods, search for a long time nothing. Fortunately, the customer did not urge, gave me a chance to remedy. I came home from get off work at night, immediately opened the computer at home, thinking autorun virus about the backup inside should still be good. The reality is always so cruel, the home computer is also a 1kb folder virus. At this time my brother came back, he asked the reason, I introduced a virus specifically killing the virus 1kb folder, that is, USBKiller. I follow his website, to download a bit, try to scan the entire computer. Really is very grateful to USBKiller, let me completely remove the 1kb folder virus.


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