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What is Autorun.inf folder? How to remove it?

autorun.inf folder in driveSometimes, you may find that there is an folder named 'Autorun.inf' in the root of USB drives or
hard disk.You may treat the folder as an virus.

when you try to delete the autorun.inf folder, the system show you an error 'cannot find the specified file'. Also even using the antivirus products to scan the folder, they will show there is no virus.

How dose the autorun.inf folder come from?

The autorun feature of the Windows allow the system to run a program when a CD rom or USB drive is plugged into PC automatically, this feature is convenient for CD roms users, however, this feature also supports USB drive, so more and more viruses and worms make use of the autorun.inf file to execute itself to infect the computer systems.

To prevent the virus from creating the autorun.inf to laugh themselves, some type of autorun antivirus which is designed to anti the autorun virus create a folder named 'autorun.inf' to immune the autorun virus. When the folder exit, the configure file autorun.inf could not be created any more. So the autorun.inf folder is not a virus.

Remove the autorun folder in USB drive and local disk easily

If you are still doubt about the autorun folder, you can remove it easily with Autorun Virus Remover

  1. Download and install Autorun Virus Remover first;
  2. if you USB drives has autorun.inf folder in it, insert it into computer;
  3. Execute the tool, Click 'Immunize Disk', Click Cancel

And then the Autorun folder would be deleted immediately. Of course you can use the autorun antivirus to immune the disk again easily, just click the Apply button.



Autorun Virus Remover is the most effectively autorun antivirus in the market, with the product, it is an easy job for you to block any autorun.inf virus from USB drives, click to get more information about it.


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