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Enterprise Customers

Here's a partial list of our customers, broken down by industry.
Harvard University                                                   Cornell University                     
University of Oxford, UK                                          Duke University
Indiana University                                                    Purdue University                     
University of California, Los Angeles                    University of Haifa, Israel
Government / Military
State of Maine                                                           US District Court
US Postal Service                                                     Western Australia Police Service
Land Registry, United Kindom                                Dept. of Treasury and Finance, Australia
Big Companies
DuPont                                                                        Panasonic
London Stock Exchange                                          Coca-Cola
Exxon Mobil                                                               Schlumberger
Nivea                                                                           Shell
ConocoPhillips                                                           BP
Emerson Electric                                                      Johnson
UN's Food and Agriculture Organization             Center for HIV Information
Health Education Associates                                American Lung Association
Lutheran Church, Canada                                      International Children's Heart Foundation

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